Tuesday Poem/Journeying Through Lent: I Will

I will kneel at the closed stone door

And survive the pain of the meek and poor,

Until His light shines upon my face,

Filling my spirit with warmth and grace.


I will alone walk down a dark path,

Knowing in my heart that He who hath

Adorn mercy and unconditional love

Shall send to me a message by dove.


I will hide away, lost in the dark,

So that His forgiving eyes may embark

Upon me, though shrouded in sin,

May too know the glory radiating within.


–written in 1999

I’m back with Poetry Tuesday and will be doing a Journey Through Lent series up until Easter, which is April 21. I needed January and February to regroup and figure out what I would do with this site going forward. Those who have visited previously will notice a new design. I’ve also updated my book and author pages, so check them out. <3 Thanks for following me!

Note: I will no longer be posting excerpts from my books or blogging regularly. I will post the rare book review.


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